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And So We Must Remember

Posted by: Corry Roach on 11/16/2010

And So We Must Remember




My little boy wandered up to me

 And asked to go for a walk,

And while we strolled hand in hand,

 He asked me if we could talk.


He asked me what Remembrance meant

 On this day we celebrate;

That at school they’d marched, had two minutes of silence,

But that he just couldn’t relate.


And so I told him about his grandfather,

 How he’d flown in WWII

Over skies of Burma and of Britain,

In DC3 cargo planes he flew.


And his grandmother was a young woman then,

In fact only just a teen

When the Nazis occupied her starving country,

Where a land of plenty once had been.


I told him about a boy I knew

 Who now was bent with age,

Who had lived in Arnhem during the war,

And now helped veterans, his thanks to repay.


“Why do people fight like that;

Don’t they know ‘bout love an’ peace?”

My worried son looked up at me

Expecting sane release.


And as I stared into his eyes

Filled with a hopeful sign of reprieve,

I found myself watching a mirrored gaze:

I was looking back at me…


“I think people who disagree

 Need a time out in the corner

To think about what they have done

 And remember about love and honor.


It doesn’t matter what color a skin is,

Or where they live or what they impart;

I know each one has a heart of love

If we could just show it from the start.


And if they could talk to their mommy

The way I can talk to you,

I bet they wouldn’t be mad for long I think,

Cause the love would flow right through!”


I stopped and knelt beside this child

So wise beyond his years

And whispered a prayer of gratitude

And a request to allay his fears.


I clutched his little hand in mine

As I hugged him to my breast.

Vowing to continue the work for peace

And vowing to do my best.   


What can I do to bring peace to the world

When it just seems to be so crazy?

Just do what I can to make a difference;

And ignore the indifferent and the lazy.


So join hands with those who feel like you

Whose desire for peace is strong,

And always remember those who fought for freedom

And tried to right the wrong.


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