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Posted by: Corry Roach on 2/27/2010 | 0 Comments

 The Olympic Games offer many things for us to appreciate as a global community. Of particular interest to me this time were all the dynamics around grief and mourning that presented themselves at different times during the games.

Posted by: Corry Roach on 2/7/2010 | 0 Comments

On January 12, 2010, a 7.0 earthquake devastated the poorest of the poor in Haiti, where their ratio of orphans was 400,000 in a population of nine million people, and this was before the quake occurred...

The world opened its wallets and hearts, and still many of our hands are tied because there is, in my view, an erroneous focus of priority; that being the one about governing bodies and paperwork. When there were tent cities and bloated bodies scattered as a testament to the devastation, how is it possible that this can happen?


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    I look forward to reading your thoughts on men and grief and will share how it strikes me.

    We are connected now, Nurse Corry, by a mother's heart and...
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    by Mary Jane Hurley Brant on Recognizing Physical Aspects of Grief

    "Thanks for your thoughts, MJ. I do believe that women feel their grief much more in their bodies. If we realize that we give birth to our children, and carry them for nine months,..." Read more
    by corry on Recognizing Physical Aspects of Grief

    "Good Morning Corry,

    Yes, the body absorbs grief and so deeply. I think it goes into our bones as a woman.

    I have a dear friend whose marriage of 39 years has just...
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    by Mary Jane Hurley Brant on Recognizing Physical Aspects of Grief

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