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Posted by: Corry Roach on 5/30/2008 | 4 Comments

The long awaited message finally came that my little sister had died of acute lymphoblastic leukemia. I could only feel relief that her suffering is finally over.  I can only feel this relief, and nothing more past this can touch me for now.  In time, I will answer to my heart's response of knowing I need to create a legacy; something around the importance of the right to die with dignity. Such suffering should not be allowed.Until I find the energy and space to find my footing within such a task, I'll instead write a poem in her memory...

Posted by: Corry Roach on 5/16/2008 | 0 Comments


Perhaps you have recently been stricken with the devastating blow of losing a loved one. Maybe you are a caring friend who wants to learn more on how to support those who grieve, or you’re a professional in the health care, human services, emergency or social services fields. I welcome you all, and trust that you will find something that will support your reason for joining us as we travel along this path of life…and death.

It is my intention to bring healing and support through compassion, education and insight, bringing about meaning and positive resolution in your life as a result of our time spent here together.


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    I look forward to reading your thoughts on men and grief and will share how it strikes me.

    We are connected now, Nurse Corry, by a mother's heart and...
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    "Good Morning Corry,

    Yes, the body absorbs grief and so deeply. I think it goes into our bones as a woman.

    I have a dear friend whose marriage of 39 years has just...
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