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The author speaks and writes from her perspective and experience, both as a bereaved parent and as a registered nurse practising in grief resolution in the field of mental health nursing in Canada. Although the material, including the blog, is intended to encourage, support and inform, it clearly is not to be construed as replacement for psychotherapeutic intervention. If in doubt, please consult with your personal health care professional to ensure the greatest safety and continuity of care exists for each individual situation.

Comments/weblogs on this website are the sole responsibility of their writers, who take full responsibility and liability for any litigation that results directly or indirectly from their written participation in this website. Views reflected by comment authors are not necessarily those of the website, and must adhere to Canadian law.

Kind respect for the opinions of others is required to maintain the integrity of the intention of the website, which is to provide sanctuary, insight and healing for those who grieve, regardless of race, creed, culture, belief system, gender, age or education.

Blogging is the personal feelings of the writer which may, as a result of the experience of grief, have affected their mental state. Writer’s content does not intend to defame, purge or humiliate any party, directly or indirectly. Please contact Corry Roach directly via email in order to consolidate the removal of information deemed harmful or sensitive to involved parties or individuals.

The author disclaims any liability, loss or risk incurred by individuals who act on the information enclosed in this website. Although the author considers her material sound, participants release C Roach and Associates, StikGirl Publishing and Corry Roach RN from all claims arising from participation in this website's written and audio material, exercises, lectures and/or related activities.

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