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Welcome! I thank you for your visit to my website, which discusses topics related to loss, grief, mourning and bereavement, along with many dynamics of the recovery process.

 Although my main focus deals with physical death, I also make room for discussion around the grief and mourning involved with other losses in life, such as a devastating illness or terminal diagnosis, addictions, relationships/divorce, job, career, home or financial stability, just to give a few examples. It is important to understand that the dynamics of grief are similar, even though the nature and intensity of the losses can vary incredibly.  Learning how to effectively resolve grief and find meaning again is a goal we all aspire to as grieving people, regardless of gender, age, cultural, religious/ spiritual beliefs and practises. Grief is, foremost, a matter of the human heart. 

The information and writings offered here evolved from my own experiences with death on both personal and professional levels. Who am I, you ask?

 Although I've worked with the dying and their families as a nurse for nearly forty years now, each experience touches me. With both my parents deceased, as well as my only sister, who died far too soon from cancer, death has also touched my personal life. Over the years, friends have also died as a result of illness, suicide and accidents.

 However, the experience with death that changed my life most profoundly was that of my beloved  infant daughter Lindsay. I wrote my book, By Grace of Mourning, at the time of her death but only published it recently, since individuals who'd read the manuscript insisted it was very helpful to them in their mourning process.

Lindsay's death transformed my nursing career focus to grief counseling and therapy. As a result of my own healing process and mentoring, I've been able to support grieving people the world over in finding meaning in the madness of their own mourning. I've also assisted  professionals and caregivers to improve their patient/client care through grief education, but mostly by encouraging the need for their own grief resolution so that we don't burn out helping others!

The information and writings included in this website, along with my book By Grace of Mourning, is another step in how I can further extend the hand of compassion. My intention is to bring peace and comfort to those who mourn and education to those who wish to support them.

Just a brief bit of information for you:

Should you wish to purchase my book By Grace of Mourning, just email me your request; click on 'Contact' in the above menu bar, and send me your mailing address information. For more information about my book, there are also a number of testimonials included from other readers; just click on 'The Book' and then Reviews in the drop down menu to read what others have said about By Grace of Mourning. Often people purchase the book for grieving friends or colleagues, and it is important to know if it would be appropriate for them. Hopefully these testimonials will assist you in making your decision in that regard.

The blog offers information, prose and  personal musings which are topics of interest or insight, all related to grief's many aspects.They are of interest to those who mourn as well as to professionals or caregivers who seek to support the bereaved. My intention is to offer insight and comfort through my blog writings, and perhaps encourage introspection and meaning along with permission to grieve effectively when we don't always know how to do that!

 I welcome your comments regarding these topics, as I believe discussion and sharing feelings promotes healing and learning on many different levels. Grief is such a personal and unique experience, after all, and I believe we can find greater meaning in that experience when we share our thoughts and respect each other's differences.

 Noted below is the text that can be found on the back cover of my first published book, By Grace of Mourning. Further information about the book can be found by clicking on 'the Book' in the menu bar above. I thank you for your interest, and I hope my website's content as well as my book may be of benefit, hope and comfort to all who visit here. I look forward to hearing from you!

   'It's nearly time, and we are so excited! Our new baby will soon join the eager waiting hands and hearts that hunger to welcome her into our little family.

And then... the crushing devastation when all does not go well. Just when things appear they could not disintegrate further, they somehow manage to do so. The hands and the hearts that waited so eagerly are empty again, torn into a world of grief that the death of one's child brings.

The pain defies description. How do we live on when our beloved baby dies? How do we find meaning again? It is said that the death of a child is the worst possible heartache to endure. I believe it; absolutely.

But wait. Somehow, somewhere, hope rises like a phoenix from the ashes, and that saying about being refined by a fire comes to mind.

Life will never be the same; it's true. However, there is life, and it must be lived. There are caregivers and wounded healers to guide us and hold us and give us hope when we think all is lost. Until... somewhere, in the dying, rebirth reveals itself in subtle ways, until this story of heartbreak becomes a story of hope.

If you are a bereaved parent, come and explore the healing that offers hope for what is possible in this life without your child. If you are a caregiver, come join us in a journey of learning and compassion.

Remember to bring some tissues and your sense of humor. You're going to need them both.'

 About the Author

A registered nurse for more than thirty five years, Corry Roach continues to practise the therapy she pioneered as a result of her healing journey after her daughter Lindsay's death.

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