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 Support Services

Questions? Concerns? To request any of these services listed, please email Corry

In the interest of providing compassionate, comprehensive support for the bereaved and their families, professionals, lay caregivers and the interested public; we offer these support services where we share, learn and grow together about how we transform grief into grace in mourning. We also offer individual consultations. Please do feel free to join us!

The work divides into two main categories: that of experiential, hands-on work for those who wish to resolve personal grief issues, and/or the academic approach to grief process and resolution.  The former is involved through the workshops or private sessions, where we use my therapy of unconscious drawing analysis and its adjuncts.

Lectures for professionals and students are offered where theory and practise are integrated with case histories, to develop an appreciation for the use of Therapeutic Art Methods and its adjuncts in psychotherapy.

This mode of therapy has proven to lend itself to a broad audience, as it transcends the boundaries and limitations of more traditionally practised therapies. Artistic ability is unimportant to benefit from this work. In the history of my practise, the most common categories for consultation include terminal illness (adults and children), behaviour issues in children (including FASD), childhood trauma/sexual abuse, bereavement and/or spiritual/personal growth work.


The Workshops tend to be small in number (not more than 15 participants); the work is experientially deep, providing sufficient time for each individual’s sharing and working through their pain. Through the use of modalities that are standard in my therapy practise (see About the Author) participants may work through their issues into healing in a confidential, non judgmental and safe environment. Pre requisite screening/interview is required, to ensure secure comfort and safety of all participants and staff. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing for the day.


The Lectures offer insights and education into the workings of the grief process, with open dialogue as time allows. Whether educating ourselves or enhancing our understanding/compassion of the mourning process in general; there are interesting insights offered into the many faces and places in which grief reveals or disguises itself in our life’s unfolding, both personally or professionally. The more broad aspects/impacts of the influences of unresolved grief will be discussed. We are encouraged to consider our own conscious awareness of how we ourselves mask grief, and how this influences our daily relationships with self and others. The choice of awakening is brought to bear, especially where spirituality and belief systems may become a part of the discussion.


The Gatherings offer an informal opportunity for coming together as individuals who belong to a specific community by situation, faith, profession, or common interest. Here, we learn how to support a loved one’s grief as well as our own, or enhance our personal growth and meaning through like minded interaction via verbal dialogue. Quiet space for those who just want to listen is also offered. Gatherings offer respite for grieving people from all areas of life, including crisis debriefing for caregivers and children’s grief.

To best support your personal/ professional needs; we do offer services that are relevant to your unique situation or audience. Past experiences have included lectures for universities, colleges and hospitals, nursing, psychology, medical, social workers, pastoral care interest groups and inservices, teachers and counselors at public and separate school systems, conferences for palliative care, end of life care, psychiatry, mental health, hypnotherapy, church communities, long term care staff support, volunteer bereavement services, foster parenting /of/genetically frail/terminally ill children/ peer support, ethnic and Aboriginal communities. Please inform us of the specific nature of your concerns, needs and intentions, in order that we may create a rewarding experience for all participants!

 Private Consultations

Private Consultations offer ‘1:1’ therapy sessions by appointment. Please email Corry.



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